Saving the Environment by Not Using Grocery Bags

It is a fact that grocery bags made from plastic are widely used these days. Many businesses use them as packaging for purchased goods of customers that shop in their establishments. But it is also a reality that the impact that these plastic containers have to the environment is quite alarming. As a result, more and more places these days are banning the use of these containers. With all the negative effects that they cause, you will be saving the environment by not using printed grocery bags made from plastic materials. To help convince you more, below is a list of all the things that are wrong with them and with using them.

They are hard to recycle

Many recycling facilities do not really accept them. Some do not have the right machinery to get them processed. They are known to cause problems too as they can get stuck in the recycling machine. At a measly recycling rate of 5%, it is hard to keep them off the environment if people will continue to produce and use them.

They can cause litter.

While it is true that a lot of people try their best to get their plastic bags disposed of properly, these bags can still cause a problem as litter. They are made of lightweight materials, and they are not really biodegradable. So, when they are disposed on dumpsites, they do not decompose. So, they can get carried by the wind and then easily spread around. As a result, they can cause pollution both in land and in water.

They contribute to climate change.

The fact that these bags are made from resources that are non-renewable means that their creation leads to the production of greenhouse gases. These gases are considered as the main culprit of global climate change. Considering how the use of these bags tends to be quite short-lived, it is not worth it to expose the environment to the problems that it is known to cause.

They are dangerous to marine and wildlife.

There have been many instances before where these bags were mistaken by animals as food. From birds to sea turtles to fish, there are many incidents of these animals ingesting the plastic material. This resulted in a variety of health issues with many even dying as a result of suffocation. These plastic bags can easily entangle animals on them too and more often than not; this can be quite fatal.

They are expensive to clean up.

Despite their short-lived use, the costs involved in cleaning them up can be quite expensive. Millions of dollars have to be spent every year for this purpose alone. But since they are not biodegradable, the chance of them going back to the environment again is always very high.

Today, more places are imposing stricter measures on the use of grocery bags. Some have even banned their use completely. Many are introducing more environmentally friendly containers that can be used when shopping. Many are opting for reusable bags that are made from cloth. The fact that they can be used multiple times means that the can prove to be a good solution to reduce the reliance on plastic bags. While these may be small steps to address a huge problem, all of these small efforts can have such a larger impact in the grand scheme of things especially if everyone will do his part.